A 11 month ministry internship for 18-24 yr olds


Nxt Leadership College

Applications for the new year opening soon

Different from a traditional college experience, NXT Leadership College offers an opportunity to gain hands-on training with and serve alongside of LS Church pastors, staff, and leaders. Our approach to learning is focused around providing you with practical ministry experience, teaching you essential biblical principles, and equipping you with invaluable leadership opportunities. In both our degree and leadership tracks, we equip students to develop a foundation for their spiritual journey and become a key influencer.

“Our goal is to use this entire campus to connect people to God. We believe a relationship with Jesus is the most important thing you can pursue with your life. We have a passion to disciple and train the next generation of leadership for God. NXT Leadership is an extension of that vision.” – Pastors James & Steph Pitkin


Our leadership program is the perfect place to start your training adventure. By building a solid biblical foundation combined with exciting leadership and ministry training with lots of hands-on opportunities to put what you learn into practice, this course sets you up to make a real difference in ministry and life. Come spend a year learning leadership and ministry skills while being a part of all God is doing at LS Church.


During your time at NXT Leadership College, you will not only gain practical ministry experience at LS Church, but you will also have the opportunity to pursue a degree from Southeastern University. SEU is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate, bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees. Students must be admitted by Southeastern University and enrolled in university courses to receive the benefits of regional accreditation. Our degree course allows you to earn your degree online from SEU while being a part of our weekly leadership and ministry sessions.

Why NXT?

Whether you are starting your educational journey, finishing it or looking to expand, NXT Leadership College has the right fit for you. Our two programs, combined with our hands on training, goes beyond a standard curriculum to prepare you to lead the next generation.

Student Housing

NXT Leadership College offers convenient on-campus housing to all students. Rooms have two students assigned to them, and are fully furnished with full-size beds, drawers, wardrobes, and micro-fridges. First and second year students are required to live on-campus, but third and fourth years have the option of living off-campus. Housing fees are $4,000, which can be added onto a student’s school bill.


What To Expect @ NXT

Your weekly schedule will be centered around providing you with opportunities to gain hands-on training, classroom development, and leadership experience. Students also get daily dedicated time for spiritual growth and development. Whether through hosting assemblies for LS Christian School, going on the annual missions trip, or during summer camp leadership, we want to help everyone who attends NXT find their God-given passion and calling.


Campus Life


Spiritual Development


on-Campus Housing


Leadership Opportunities


Annual Mission Trip


Hands-On Experience

Time Requirement

The total weekly time commitment, will be 40 hours. Monday through Thursday from 8am-4pm and Sundays from 9:00am-12:30pm, 4:30pm-8:30pm.

Tuition Requirement

Tuition for the leadership track is $6,000, including a deposit of $1,000 which is due upon acceptance into the program. You can pay in full or through monthly payments. Through our payment plan, you have the flexibility to pay tuition through an initial $1000 deposit and 10 monthly payments of $500. A payment plan fee schedule will be made available upon request. All on-campus housing, books, resources, conferences, and workshops are covered in your tuition.

Tuition breakdown: Housing $4,000 | Program $2,000

Age Requirement

18-24yr with a high school diploma or equivalent.

Personal Requirement

If you feel called into ministry and are looking to grow in leadership and go deeper with Jesus.



Our approach to learning is focused around providing you with hands-on ministry experience, teaching you essential biblical principles, and equipping you with invaluable leadership opportunities. Different from a classroom setting, our program will allow you to get firsthand experience working right alongside our team and access to seasoned ministry leaders. This will allow you to develop the ability to become a key influencer as well as develop a foundation for your spiritual journey.

Biblical Studies

Leadership Skills

Character Development

Audio & Visual Media Training

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there housing available?

Yes. NXT Leadership College offers on-campus housing to students.  The rooms are dorm like with 2 students assigned to each room.  Rooms come equipped with 2 full size beds, 2 clothing drawers and 2 clothing cabinets, as well as a mini fridge and microwave.

Do I have to be called into ministry to participate?

No. NXT Leadership College is designed for believers who desire to lead others spiritually, and sense a calling to grow in their spiritual impact by using biblical leadership principles within their area of influence. This is not about working in a church – it’s about serving in the Kingdom.

How often will this begin?

A new year will start each Fall and run for 11 months.

What is the class size?

There will be 4-12 interns per year. *Interns are accepted into the program pending class size of a minimum of 2 students.

How much is tuition?

For 2022, tuition is $6,000. All On campus housing, books, resources, conferences, and workshop expenses are covered in your tuition.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, If you do not pay in full, $1,ooo deposit is due and $500 a month for 10 months.

Are there any additional expenses?

Other additional expenses may include activities you do together as interns outside of the scheduled classes, such as daily lunches or fun events.

Will I need a car?

You need an ability to get to and from meetings, classes and appointments.

What is the weekly time commitment?

The total weekly time commitment, will be 40 hours. Monday through Thursday from 8am-4pm and Sundays from 8:30am-12:30pm, 4:30pm-8:30pm.

Can I have a job while in the program?

This program is a full-time commitment and will often require you to be present for ministry events and team-building sessions outside of your regular internship schedule. We require that any job that the student has does not interfere with the program commitments.

How do I apply?

Simply click the following link and apply: Apply Here

When will I hear from someone?

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. You will be contacted within 7 business days of your application to set up an interview. We will notify you if you have been accepted within 7-10 business days after your interview.

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